Last Saturday, the Dynamics Power! event landed in Brussels at the Microsoft Headquarters. It was a nice and pleasant day full of surprising and enlightening sessions. The day kicked of with a keynote presented by nobody else than James Phillips, corporate Vice-President at the Microsoft Business Applications. I had the pleasure to talk with him and he really was a kind and very skilled person.


Power Platform is booming

What really struck me, is that so many people are so excited about the Power Platform. And enough reasons to be so! Almost every session included something about the Power Platform, whether it was PowerBI, Power Automate or Power Apps. If you did not already look into this, start doing so! It will be eye-opening.

Developers, don’t fear!

Although Power Platform’s catch phrase is Low Code, No Code, there will always will be the need for the “real” developer. The time to deliver components and handle and orchestrate integrations with the Power Platform will hugely reduce the need for developers, but nevertheless, they will always be needed. That was proven in some sessions throughout the day like PCF controls (powerapps control framework), where typescript brings together html and css knowledge to create powerful and beautiful controls which can be used in model-driven apps as well as in canvas apps.

In the end, it was a very nice day, very well organized and very interesting. I met a lot of new people who share the same passion as I do: delivering top notch customer experience!