Being a CE developer, fetchXML is a often used method to query records. If you are not familiar with fetchXML, this is a xml based method to define your search criteria. Thanks to the great tools provided in the XRMToolBox and the FetchXMLBuilder plugin, it is fairly easy to create such a query.

Thanks to the new CDS connector, you can now use this method in flows too! Make sure you pick the correct connector to “List Records”. It should be the one including “(current environment)”.

Then select the “list records” action. You will see the FetchXml Query option appear, which opens a lot of possibilities! I will show you how to select records based on a relationship. We will try to get all the contacts from a specific account.

To do this, open up the XRMToolBox and open the FetchXmlBuilder plugin. When you are ready constructing your requirements, you can just copy paste all the fetchxml into the fetchXml Query window. Life is sometimes very easy!

What do you think about the usage of FetchXML? Please let me know and share your experiences