Last week, I attended a meetup where Andrew Welch and Lee Baker presented their Power Platform Adoption Framework. To globally summarize what this framework covers, is the strategical adoptions and best practices to apply the power platform at enterprise scale. A lot of companies are afraid to embrace this new technology stack Microsoft provides, and this framework is there to help these organizations. Please note these insights are based on the Power Platform Adoption Framework, and are blended with my personal experience. For the original af, I refer you to

First, a global definition was given on how the Power Platform is built. Where a lot of people still use Sharepoint, it was clear that the shift to CDS is inevitable. That’s because CDS can be seen as an abstraction layer and so much more on top of an Azure SQL which is far more robust and less work than the Sharepoint approach.

Next to that, the Adoption Framework consists of three tracks and not phases, because they are running concurrently and are time boxed. Track one is the BUILD track, where a Proof of Concept is made and some visualizations, designs and automations are made.

A distinction was made between the different level of apps. You have local development, important and critical apps. This distinction is necessary in following areas:

  • Ownership
  • Security
  • Data

It is important to group each app or functionality by this. A critical canvas app will be owned by IT. Thus you do not want citizen devs play around with connectors that are addressing the same data as in the critical app. Things should be well thought before jumping into the Power Platform.

Microsoft introduces something to facilitate the governance for this too, the Center of Excellence toolkit. It was briefly mentioned by Andrew, and he stated that it really is a starter kit. If you do not apply the thinking and strategic visions of the adaption framework, things will get messy very quickly.

Did you ever hear before the Adoption Framework? Reach out to me and share your thoughts!