The Power Platform is a huge offering and can be quit terrifying to look at it at first sight. With the PowerApps suite, you enable people to create applications which are a first step towards productivity improvement and happy end-users. Recently, I’ve conducted some workshops and led the App in a Day session for some citizen devs. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

What’s app in a day anyway? App in a day is a session where you sit together with some key users to instruct them the capabilities and possibilities of the PowerApps. This is done by creating a scenario, which is agreed beforehand, in PowerApps throughout the day. In the end, attendees should have a good overview of how and what can be build.

Set expectations. Using the center of excellence you can create and send out e-mails to your organization. Use this to create a sense of excitement to your session. People need to look forward to learn something new, something which will provide lots of benefits and not another info session of a technology they will never use. Emphasis they are the power to drive this to a success story.

Point out the bigger picture. Tell them this is just the beginning, when the app in a day is finished. They can cross boundaries over here and improve productivity and bring time-saving to the next level.

Let users play. It is very important people discover things on their own. In that way, they will remember it far longer because of the effort they put into it. But be aware, not everybody will be eager to search for a solution. Keep an eye out that these people don’t get taken away and guide them with some tips and tricks to the solution.

If you’re looking to take on the Power Platform into your organization, the company Business Elements has the right people. Let’s make it success story together!