The first virtual Microsoft Business Applications was a hit. It was so a success, all sessions of the Power Platform were booked in no time, leaving no spots open for me to attend one. So here are my key takeaways based on the general sessions open to everyone. Nevertheless, some big things worth mentioning:

Database access

Microsoft opens the underlying database for access. You will be able to execute T-SQL statements to it and see the database structure. This is a huge improvement for people who used to work on premise and had access all day long to the database. Also for reporting purposes, this opens a lot of doors.

Mixed Reality in Power Apps

In the session, Charles Lamanna gave a demo which was projecting an ikea table into his living room. It was quite impressive to see. The possibilities here are endless, you can measure objects, see how a table fits your interior, etc… It is still in private preview so not everybody has access to it yet, but it seems very promising!

Canvas + Model-driven = One

The way forward is a unified way. Microsoft will tear down further the walls between canvas apps and model-driven ones in the future. Proof of this is the new functionality to embed a canvas app as a whole page in your model-driven app without any extra configuration. This feature is not available yet.

Improved image support

You will be able to edit and save the image on the go. The image, what do I mean? I mean the image file property in the CDS. So you can use it on whatever entity you want. It can be especially handy on annotations, which are basically attachments in CDS.

What did you remember from the MBA? Where you a lucky one joining some expert sessions? Leave a comment to share your experience!